How We Work

Our Library Bus

Many schools in Tanzania don’t have access to something as basic as books. Rowland, our Library Bus is our way of providing children and teachers library services. Bouncing Books will not only spread the joy of reading but educate and improve children’s lives. By providing access to both fiction and non-fiction books we aim to strengthen the reading culture and knowledge in schools resulting in a more confident reading population that is better equipped for the future.


Sharing our Mission. Our volunteering program enables us to share our mission through the gift of learning.

Education is a privilege that can often be taken for granted. In many of the areas in which we work in Tanzania, whilst education is provided, the standards are hindered by a lack of facilities or teaching materials.

Volunteering with Bouncing Books is therefore a great experience to use your skills to give assistance where it is genuinely needed and support the great work of Bouncing Books. 

In 2024 we hope to welcome Volunteers to Tanzania to support the everyday running and growth of Bouncing Books. Volunteers could expect to contribute to:

  • Running the Library Bus on a weekly basis to our schools
  • Reading stories to school children in English
  • Support teachers in their everyday teaching
  • Help develop English language skills
  • Play skill building games
  • Writing short stories

Educational Material

The schools we support have limited or no access to basic curriculum textbooks and education materials. Our goal is to create and provide simple educational materials to support teachers in their everyday lessons and where possible provide textbooks to children.

Our Schools

10 Schools | 4000 Children

Approved by the Meru District Ministry of Education